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Beaucoup Designs - Jewelry to tell your Story

Beaucoup Designs - Jewelry to tell your Story

Beaucoup Designs offers a broad spectrum jewelry line that includes charms to go with necklaces and bracelets, earrings, rings, cuff bracelets, hair accessories, and necklaces.

Most of their jewelry is made in the USA. Pieces are affordable enough so that they can be given as gifts as well as personal purchases. This jewelry is pewter based and custom plated in either sterling silver or 14k gold.


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Gold Dragonfly Charm

Gold Dragonfly Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Football Charm

Gold Football Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Golf Bag Charm

Gold Golf Bag Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Golf Charm

Gold Golf Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Heel Charm

Gold Heel Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Horseshoe Charm

Gold Horseshoe Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Hummingbird Charm

Gold Hummingbird Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Key Charm

Gold Key Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Ladybug Charm

Gold Ladybug Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Lotus Charm

Gold Lotus Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Music Charm

Gold Music Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Oval Chain

Gold Oval Chain From $24.95 to $29.95 

Gold Pearl Charm

Gold Pearl Charm Only $17.95 

Gold Purse Charm

Gold Purse Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Queen Bee Charm

Gold Queen Bee Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Small Belcher Chain

Gold Small Belcher Chain Only $22.95 

Gold Station Chain

Gold Station Chain Only $19.95 

Gold Turquoise Bead

Gold Turquoise Bead Only $14.95 

Gold Volleyball Charm

Gold Volleyball Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Wedding Cake Charm

Gold Wedding Cake Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Airplane Charm

Silver Airplane Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Apple Charm

Silver Apple Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Ballet Charm

Silver Ballet Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Baseball Charm

Silver Baseball Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Bible Charm

Silver Bible Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Butterfly Charm

Silver Butterfly Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Coral Bead

Silver Coral Bead Only $14.95 

Silver Cross 605 Charm

Silver Cross 605 Charm Only $17.95 

Silver Cupcake Charm

Silver Cupcake Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Dogbone Charm

Silver Dogbone Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Dragonfly Charm

Silver Dragonfly Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Elephant Charm

Silver Elephant Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Football Charm

Silver Football Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Golf Bag Charm

Silver Golf Bag Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Heart Charm

Silver Heart Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Heel Charm

Silver Heel Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Horse Shoe Charm

Silver Horse Shoe Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Key Charm

Silver Key Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Ladybug Charm

Silver Ladybug Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Oval Chain

Silver Oval Chain From $24.95 to $29.95 

Silver Peace Charm

Silver Peace Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Purse Charm

Silver Purse Charm Only $14.95 

Silver Small Belcher Chain

Silver Small Belcher Chain From $19.95 to $22.95 

Silver Station Chain

Silver Station Chain Only $19.95 

Silver Turquoise Bead

Silver Turquoise Bead Only $14.95 

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