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Tokyo Milk Lotion and Perfume

Tokyo Milk Lotion and Perfume

Brilliant note pairings and luxurious, adorable packaging describes Tokyo Milk Lotions and Perfume. Created by Margot Elena, Tokyo Milk is a line of fragrance that features a scent to capture every mood and taste in only the most elegant way.

Fun, flirty names like I Want Candy and Let Them Eat Cake, inspired by Marie Antoinette, combine with antique, glittery imagery on the packaging to match the name and scent. Tokyo Milk Perfume includes intoxicating notes like, White Orchid, Crisp Apples, and Gardenia to name a few.

 Features of Tokyo Milk Lotions and Perfume:

  • Crafted with wit and sophistication.
  • A fabulous range of notes from herbs and botanicals to deep woods and unexpected sweetness.
  • The graphics on each fragrance dazzle and delight as much as the fragrance itself.
  • A beautiful blend of deep vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid and ebony with a hip skull and cross bones design.
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Le Petit No. 2 Perfume

Le Petit No. 2 Perfume  Only $29.95 

Eden No. 3 Perfume

Eden No. 3 Perfume  Only $29.95 

Dead Sexy No. 6 Perfume

Dead Sexy No. 6 Perfume  Only $29.95 

Kabuki No. 9 Perfume

Kabuki No. 9 Perfume  Only $29.95 

French Kiss No. 15 Perfume

French Kiss No. 15 Perfume  Only $29.95 

Sea & Sky No. 20 Perfume

Sea & Sky No. 20 Perfume  Only $29.95 

Sugar Sugar No. 52 Perfume

Sugar Sugar No. 52 Perfume  Only $29.95 

Dead Sexy lotion

Dead Sexy lotion  Only $19.95 

Eden Lotion

Eden Lotion  Only $19.95 

French Kiss Lotion

French Kiss Lotion  Only $19.95 

Kabuki Lotion

Kabuki Lotion  Only $19.95 

La Petit lotion

La Petit lotion  Only $19.95 

Let Them Eat Cake Lotion

Let Them Eat Cake Lotion  Only $19.95 

Song in D Minor lotion

Song in D Minor lotion  Only $19.95 

Gin and Rosewater lotion

Gin and Rosewater lotion  Only $19.95