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Beaucoup Designs - Beaucoup Designs - Jewelry to tell your Story
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 Gold Elephant Charm

Gold Elephant Charm Only $14.95 

Aimez 2 Tone Tree Charm

Aimez 2 Tone Tree Charm Only $24.95 

Aimez Gold Crown Charm

Aimez Gold Crown Charm Only $22.95 

Aimez Gold Lock Charm

Aimez Gold Lock Charm Only $22.95 

Aimez Key #1 Oxidized Tip

Aimez Key #1 Oxidized Tip Only $29.95 

Aimez Silver Lock Charm

Aimez Silver Lock Charm Only $22.95 

Dauphin 003 Bracelet

Dauphin 003 Bracelet Only $29.95 

Dauphin 006 Bracelet

Dauphin 006 Bracelet Only $29.95 

Dauphin 007 Bracelet

Dauphin 007 Bracelet Only $29.95 

Dauphin 9627 Bracelet

Dauphin 9627 Bracelet Only $16.95 

Dauphin X 003 Brace

Dauphin X 003 Brace Only $29.95 

Dauphin X 006 Bracelet

Dauphin X 006 Bracelet Only $29.95 

Dauphin X 9627 Bracelet

Dauphin X 9627 Bracelet Only $16.95 

Gold Airplane Charm

Gold Airplane Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Angel Charm

Gold Angel Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Baby Feet Charm

Gold Baby Feet Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Baby Shoe Charm

Gold Baby Shoe Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Baseball Charm

Gold Baseball Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Basketball Charm

Gold Basketball Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Bee Charm

Gold Bee Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Bible Charm

Gold Bible Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Cat Charm

Gold Cat Charm Only $19.95 

Gold Clownfish Charm

Gold Clownfish Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Cupcake Charm

Gold Cupcake Charm Only $14.95 

Gold Dogbone Charm

Gold Dogbone Charm Only $14.95 

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